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Women's Choice in Islandia, New York provides Medical Abortion, also known as Abortion by pill up to 77 days of gestation confirmed by vaginal or abdominal sonogram. Some patients can sign a certification of their first day of last normal menstrual period. It is important for patients to have regular menstrual periods and or they participate in period tracker apps. Patients for Medical abortions in most cases are eligible to receive abortion pill , if and when an intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed and its age is below 77 days. Or a certification of regular period is signed and UCG test confirms a positive pregnancy test. Due to eligibility issue with each health insurance provider, we at Women’s Choice only accept self paying patients and do not accept health insurances . We keep our fees very affordable and offer sliding fee schedule to indigent patients. Medical abortions are safe, confidential, easy on your body as it avoids the risks of surgeries and serious complications of anesthesia. Patients who get their menstrual periods with no pain or minor pain are the best candidates for medical abortion as after taking the abortion pill at the time and place of your choice, you may get period like bleeding or in some cases when you take the second medication within 48 to 72 hours after the first pill. Due to its 96% success rate Medical abortions are very common and are accepted by most women over surgical abortions for pregnancies up to 77 days of gestation (11 weeks). Medical abortions are typically performed by administering a two-drug combination: Mifepristone (the abortion pill) also known as RU 486, which causes blocking progesterone followed by 4 Misoprostol in 48 hours (as per medication guide) to contract the Uterus. In some cases your clinician may decide to use Mifepristone only or Misoprostol only. At present in New York state Minors Patients who have a positive pregnancy test do not need parental consent or an escort to check them out of the office. Medical abortion pills can be taken safely by the patient at home, without any assistance. Medical abortion should not be confused with Emergency Contraception.

Women's Choice in Islandia, New York