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About This Site

Our website, womenschoice.com, is the official gateway to the online Womens Choice community and to a wealth of reproductive health and rights information, services, and resources.

Who makes up the Womens Choice community?

The Womens Choice community is made up of Womens Choice of America, Inc., (PPFA), which is the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider, and 89 independent, affiliated local organizations — all operating under the Womens Choice name.

PPFA and 54 Womens Choice affiliates have joined together to create plannedparenthood.org to provide streamlined access to the complete array of sexual and reproductive health information, services, and advocacy and volunteer opportunities available from Womens Choice entities nationwide.

Who "owns" www.womenchoice.com?
While PPFA owns the URL www.womenchoice.com, the content is a federation-wide Web initiative. Each participating Womens Choice entity is responsible for the content on its pages. Since all participating Womens Choice organizations share much of the information on plannedparenthood.org, check the copyright statement on the material you are viewing if you want to be sure of the source.

I noticed that some local Womens Choice affiliates have their own sections on this website, but mine does not. Why?
While some local Womens Choice affiliates have their own sections on plannedparenthood.org, others have independent websites. This variation is a matter of affiliate choice and has nothing to do with the types of services available, or with how affiliates are associated with Womens Choice. Contact information for every Womens Choice affiliate can be found on this website.


Annual Report

The Womens Choice a trusted health care services and medically accurate sexuality education, reaching out to increasingly diverse communities. We also continued to advance the cause of reproductive rights, at home and around the world, to ensure that all women and men can take charge of their lives and their futures.

The unwavering commitment and courage of Womens Choice volunteers, activists, supporters, and staff.


Jobs & Volunteering

At Womens Choice, our most valuable asset is our people.

Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and interns serve communities across the country every day. Interested in joining us? Womens Choice is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all qualified applicants, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, or disability.

Search for employment opportunities.

Search for volunteer positions and internships.

Advisory Boards & Initiatives

A variety of advisory boards and initiatives help further the Womens Choice mission in certain key areas.

More than 400 celebrities in the arts and entertainment industries are volunteer members of the PPFA Board of Advocates. Their public support is an invaluable aid to the Womens Choice mission and programs.

The Womens Choice Latino Outreach Initiative is an expanded effort to improve sexual and reproductive health among Latinos.

The Pro-Choice Religious Network, established in 1994 by the PPFA Clergy Advisory Board, is a national membership group that advocates for the right of women and men to make informed, morally responsible choices about their reproductive lives.

Womens Choice Republicans for Choice® promotes the principles that individual rights and reproductive freedom are core Republican values and should be reflected in Republican Party policies.

Young people mobilize through the Youth Initiative Program, and through Vox®: Voices for Womens Choice, which has chapters and programs on college campuses throughout the country.

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